In need of grabbing attention? Printed beach flags provide great opportunities to generate traffic to your store or building and increase brand awareness.

Beach flags

Help your marketing make waves at the beach today with personalised beach flag printing. With 4 different types; feather, teardrop, sharkfin and square flags, you’ll be sure to find the perfect one for you.

Keeping someone’s attention with beach flag printing

There are many strategies available, but let’s focus on the idea of keeping someone’s attention. Large brands invest millions into creating new ways to catch your eye. Yet, how do you generate good results at a fraction of the cost when not all businesses have the same means to achieve this? High quality beach flags in various shapes and sizes (think flutter flags, wind banners and sail flag models) with the best materials, are still an affordable purchase, especially compared to a million pound marketing campaign. They do a good job of grabbing attention, which is why they are still a popular form of marketing.

Think about it, if you want to convert someone’s attention into action, you have to interest them within the first 3 seconds. Here, a clear and concise point will be your best asset; something a passer-by can read quickly and understand immediately. If you rely on overly creative designs for your sail banners, it is likely to distract the focus away from the quick message you’d like to get across.
One handy benefit about beach flags is that they come in large sizes, so it’s perfect for a bold headline that will be easily noticed. It has to be as tempting as those articles that pop up when you’re on the web, you know the ones, “how to get a six pack in 1 month” or “weight loss the super simple way”. Regardless of the content of these articles, you can see these headlines in under 3 seconds, and it already taps into your imagination, convincing you to click.
Although it is likely that the content of your sail flags will be different, employing this kind of technique highlights the benefit of what your business can offer. This can be even more effective when paired with one or two images that demonstrate the ‘before’ and ‘after’ experience of using your services. However, if you aren’t sure, showing happiness as the end result on your flutter flag can creates a positive association with your brand.

Whether your personalised sail flag is displayed in front of your shop or at an event; make sure those interested have a simple way to contact you (email, phone number etc.), make sure the attention your beach flags receive doesn’t go to waste!

5 quick benefits of beach flag printing

Think about the last time you left the office to get some lunch. You’ve been hard at work all morning and now have some time to pop out for a breather. Whichever food you decide on, chances are you’ve seen plenty of messages along your walking route. Consider this, many studies and statistics have been shared, identifying the thousands of advertisements we see in a day and almost any visible space is occupied with one ad or another; it is not a surprise to find some form of marketing on a wall, building side, inside the Tube, at the bus-stop, in shops, or even in the loo. But, why should you include beach flags in your marketing toolkit?

 High quality and professional look at a small cost
 Easy way to grab attention and fuel interest
 Simple to install and can be placed in or outdoors
 Simply dismantled and lightweight
 Easily transported and can fits into a normal car with a useful carrying case

How do you choose the right beach flag fabric?

It may not seem like the most important detail, but using the right type of fabric for your beach flags (think flutter flags, wind banners and sail flag models) plays a large role in maintaining its colour and extending its lifespan. Think about it, you’ve previously ordered a personalised flutter flag with normal polyester material for you business, and it’s been very handy at trade shows and outdoor events you’ve attended; lots of people took interest in your services and you’ve seen improvements to your brand’s visibility.
However, you’ve launched a new product and ordered the same type of sail banner, only this time around a useful event is in a windy spot in Liverpool. Problem? What if the weather is not on your side. It’s not and on location, your stomach starts to cramp as a sense of panic sets in; you’ve spent more time adjusting your flag than interacting with attendees – you’ve come all this way! To add to the frustration, you look over and see that some competitors of yours also have beach flags, yet their flutter flag is handling the wind like a champ, and among closer inspection is made with a different material; “Bah! Humbug!”. So, let’s lay out the differences for you, so you can avoid feeling bitter like Scrooge.

When it comes to normal flag canvas material, it’s good to keep the venue in mind. If all the business occasions you generally attend are indoors, then it’s an easy choice. Not only are the colours of the design striking on the fabric, but the slight gloss finish to the flag is a real eye catcher at events. Normal material has nice hemmed edges to boost good first impressions of your business, and is still durable enough to be used outdoors when the weather isn’t too testy.
On the other hand, if you can anticipate rain or heavy winds, then longlife material will satisfy your needs better. The printed material will display your designs all the same, however it is complimented by small permeable holes that allow the printed flags to manoeuvre through the wind. The fabric is also sturdy enough that it doesn’t need to be hemmed, but don’t worry – it won’t fray!
Printed beach flags are an easy way to generate visibility and convince consumers to actuallyfind out more about your services, so no need to worry about immediately providing all the answers, but make sure to choose the right material.